1. Sports Fans — “I don’t want to see the score of the game I’m taping whole watching any other TV”

Sports fans use TB to prevent getting score spoilers – seeing the results of a game that is being or was recorded earlier while watching another game or other sports-themed programming2. Seniors — “I find the ticker annoying and distracting. I just want to watch the news”

Older people use TB to block the ticker on programming such as news broadcasts because they otherwise find that it distracts them either visually or mentally from the main program they are trying to watch.3. Parents — “I want my child to watch the news but I don’t want her to read about sex or violence”

Parents use TB to stop their kids from reading the news or entertainment tickers when the TV is on. The motivation here is to obviously stop children from being exposed to and/or asking questions about things that are not age appropriate.
4. Everybody — “Sometimes you just don’t wanna know”
In general the feedback is that many people really don’t like TV tickers. They are almost certainly generally overused. And even in cases where there is an articulated need, there is still the appeal of a product that will, in effect, turn the ticker off whenever you want.

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