Sports Fans

Ever try to watch one game while recording another, only to see the score on the sports ticker, ruining everything? Never again – TickerBlocker® stops sports spoilers!



Our surveys show that more than 80% of seniors prefer to watch TV while using TickerBlocker®! TickerBlocker® reduces eye strain and distractions, and makes focusing on the main TV video easier.



Moms and dads tell us they use TickerBlocker® to keep control over what their kids are reading and learning about when they watch the news – blocking stories and comments that are not age-appropriate.

Attention Disorders

Adults and kids with ADHD, ADD and similar issues find that TickerBlocker® helps them concentrate on the TV program they are watching without getting distracted by news, sports or other tickers.


After all, who doesn’t get annoyed by the ticker sometimes? With the patent pending TickerBlocker® you can turn it off when you’re sick of it and bring it back again in a second when you want it. Because we all have times when you don’t wanna know!



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