One night Eric dropped in on his friend Larry to talk about a fantasy sports trade. But he also wanted to watch the Dallas Cowboys in a big game on TV. But there was a problem: Larry was already recording a key NHL contest involving his favorite team, the New York Rangers, and didn’t want the score ticker to spoil the result.

Should Eric not watch football? Does Larry have to see the score of the hockey game he’s recording?

This gave them an idea. There had to be other sports fans out there that wanted to hide the TV ticker. Surely they too would also like to have a simple and easy solution. And so, TickerBlocker® was born.

Extensive research and testing were put into creating the right product design – super quick and simple to set up. Finding just the right fabric – gentle on TV screens. With just the right amount of stretch – one size fits virtually all TVs. And just the right amount of blocking ability – this custom fabric remains opaque even when stretched to over 90 inches!

As the guys expected, sports fans loved TickerBlocker®. But it turned out it wasn’t just being used to block scores. Seniors found TV information overload distracting and used it while watching the news. Parents were putting it on to regulate what their children saw on news and entertainment tickers. Adults and kids with attention disorders found it easier to concentrate on TV when using TickerBlocker® too.

And who else needs TickerBlocker®? Everybody! Who doesn’t find the ticker annoying sometimes? And when you don’t wanna know, you just don’t wanna know!


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